CV in English

Contact information

E-mail: anna.e.puhakka (at)


Born June 19th, 1980 in Espoo, Finland.


Master of Arts, University of Helsinki
  • Majors: English Philology and Teachers’ Training
  • Minors: North American Studies and Literature, Media Studies for Educational Purposes, and Communication
Helsingin suomalainen yhteiskoulu (SYK)

The Matriculation Examination Certificate / High School Diploma

Greystone Park Primary School Harare, Zimbabwe

Language Skills

Finnish mother tongue
English oral skills C2, written skills C2
Swedish oral skills B2, written skills B2
Spanish oral skills B1, written skills B1
French oral skills A2, written skills B1

Computer Skills

I use social media in teaching English, especially blogs. I have mastered the basic PC and Macintosh programs: Word, MS Excel, Photo Shop, Power Point, iMovies, iPhoto and OpenOffice. I have experience in editing video material with MovieMaker, Pinnacle and iMovies. I also have a rudimentary knowledge of HTML and Dreamweaver for simple coding. I can create web-based work and study environments using blogs, wikis, Fronter, Moodle, BSCW, Jing Project, Adobe Connect Professional, WebCT, ConnectPro, CmapTools ja Blackboard.

Work Experience

1.11.14 –
Tabletkoulu Online School Books / Author

Tasks: Writing and illustrating ENA 1: The World and I, a new innovative online course book for upper secondary school.

15.8.11 –
Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School / English Teacher and International and Innovation Projects Coordinator

Tasks: Teaching national courses and school-specific courses Fluently in English, Creative Writing, Internet English, English Literature, Work English, History in English and Global Citizenship (for a closer look, visit Espoo heart English). My responsibilities include marketing the school on social media, developing pedagogical practices when combining information technology and language education, grading matriculation exams, instructing teacher trainees, tutoring and coordinating the student exchanges.

International Projects: Exchanges with schools in the Netherlands and Turkey, the Global Citizenship Project in Zimbabwe, the Model UN in New York, and the Erasmus + Program.

1.8.09 – 31.7.11
Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages / English Teacher and Tutor Teacher

Tasks: Upper secondary school English teacher and tutor teacher. Media-oriented language, literature, and drama courses: English It Is

1.6. – 18.6.09
Urheilukaverit Sports Camp / Sports Camp Leader

Tasks: Sports camp leader for 7 instructors and approximately 50 kids (aged 6-13).

1.8.08 – 31.7.09
Elias-koulu / English Teacher

Tasks: Full-time primary school English teacher.

20.9.07 – 31.5.09
Workers’ Educational Association WEA of Finland / English Teacher

Tasks: 5 English For Travelers courses for adults.

8.7. – 28.7.08
STS Student Travel School / English Teacher and Course Leader

Tasks: Instructor and language teacher in Torquay, England.

5.6. – 12.6.08
HERO / Course Teacher

Tasks: Course teacher – English for children with learning difficulties.

29.10. – 16.11.07
Etu-Töölön lukio /Senior high school substitute teacher.
22.10.07 – 30.6.08
Department of Applied Sciences of Education, University of Helsinki

Tasks: Pedagogical IT-assistant. Helping teacher trainers with projects that aim towards developing web-based courses and media studies on a higher degree level. The virtual education project (VOSO II) for academic teachers is funded by the Ministry of Education.

11.9. – 21.11.07
Vantaa Adult Education / Course Teacher

Tasks: Instructing four English courses from basic to intermediate level.

3.9. – 7.9.07
Helsingin suomalainen yhteiskoulu / Substitute teacher from middle to senior high school.
22.8. – 27.8.07
Espoo Cine / Film festival volunteer
15.4. – 15.5.07
Department of Applied Sciences of Education, University of Helsinki

Tasks: Project assistant. Assisting professor Raili Hildén with two nation-wide projects (OSKU and HY-TALK) related to the VirMo virtual university campaign. Designing two academic posters for a convention. Editing video material and pictures for the Internet. Selecting academic materials and creating a website for HY-TALK.

9.1. – 29.1.07
WSOY Oppimateriaalit – SanomaWSOY Education / Intern

Tasks: Intern at the Department of Foreign Languages Educational Material. Proofreading English as a foreign language educational publications and material for schools from a pedagogical and linguistic point-of-view. Participating in graphics and layout design.

1.3. – 31.5.05
Consulate General of Finland in New York / Intern

Tasks: Intern at the Department of Press and Public Relations. Writing articles in Finnish and English on Finnish cultural events, available in the What’s New section of the Consulate’s website (all articles from March-May). Assisting with Finnish Foreign Ministry visitor arrangements and representing at international PR events. Power Point presentations for the Consul. Taking minutes during meetings. Translating official documents and press releases (Eng-Fin-Eng). Organizing press events (Helsinki Process Meeting at the UN, Modern Finnish Design at Scandinavia House, Scandinavian Design at MoMA) and art exhibition opening receptions.

2000 – 2007
Finnkino Co. / Ticket sales and ushering
2000, 2002, 2003
Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Wisconsin, USA / Lifeguard

Tasks: Summer job as a water park lifeguard. Instructor for Ellis resuscitation courses.


12/2007 Ikävä pinaattilettuja. In Educator. Helsinki: Soveltavan kasvatustieteen laitos.
24/5/2005 Finnish Design Month in New York on (press releases).
19/5/2005 New Scandinavian design today on (press releases).
19/5/2005 The Philadelphia Orchestra and Ondine Records join forces on (press releases).
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12/5/2005 Honorary Consuls from Eastern states meet in New York on (press releases).
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12/5/2005 Helsinki Process Proposes a Round Table Approach on (press releases).
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2/5/2005 Arctic Sounds From the Edge of the World. In Finlandia Weekly.
2/5/2005 Filmland at Bam Cinematek on (press releases).
2/5/2005 Petite but powerful Sofia Laiti at Iridium Jazz Club on (press releases).
21/4/2005 Yrjö Kilpinen song competition honors unsung Finnish legend on (press releases).
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16/3/2005 St. Urho Vanquished the Grasshoppers! In Amerikan Uutiset.
9/3/2005 Paavo Lipponen on transatlantic unity in New York on (press releases).
9/3/2005 A Portrait of Sibelius Passed On on (press releases).
1998 Mustat siivet. Helsinki: WSOY.
11/1997 Maailma, jota ei ollut. In Outpost. Espoo: Teknillinen korkeakoulu.
1997 Mustan leijonan muotoon. In Apu. Helsinki: A-lehdet.
1996 Pimeyden ritari. Teoksessa Painajaisia. Helsinki: WSOY.
1995 Rakas Catherine. In Haagalainen. Helsinki: Haagalaisen Tuki – Stöd ry.


1/2011 Plantool Co.
Metal industry website translation Finnish-English.
11/2010 Pynnönen International Ltd
International logistics company website translation Finnish-English.
11/2010 Coxa
Medical website translation Finnish-English.
10/2010 Itäkeskus Upper Secondary School
City of Helsinki school website translation Finnish-English.
11/2009 University of Science and Technology in Norway
Proofreading a Master’s Thesis. Grebennik, Natalia. Eco-innovation in cleantech companies.
11/2009 University of Helsinki – Department of Behavioral Sciences
Translating a research article Finnish-English. Seppänen, Marita. Master’s Thesis Evaluation Through Argumentation Analysis.
10/2009 University of Joensuu – Department of Behavioral Sciences
Proofreading a research article. Vesisenaho, M., Puhakka, H., Silvonen, J., Sutinen, E., Vanhalakka-Ruoho N., Vuotilainen P. ja Penttinen L. Need for Study and Career Counselling in Computer Science.
8/2009 HeyDay Oy
Proofreading Fortum Energy’s Greenface -application.
11/2008 Metropolia University of Applied Sciences – METKA
Website translation Finnish-English.
8/2008 Norlan El Misionario
Reggaeton artist Norlan Leygenior-Santana’s press releases and website Finnish-English.
2005 – 2008 Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Festival
Film-related speeches, press releases and catalogue texts Finnish-English. Finnish subtitles for the movie Nima.
7/2007 University of Liverpool – Department of Latin-American Studies
Proofreading a Master’s Thesis. Jolkkonen, R. The Future of Argentine Cinema.
2/2007 WSOY
Proofreading an English study book (Suitcase).
4/2006 Else Design Oy
Design website translation Finnish-English.
12/2005 Leikkimedia Oy
Proofreading for a media website.
12/2005 A Pekka Holma Film – Conflict
English subtitles, website and press releases.
2/2005 University of Helsinki – Department of Geography
Master’s Thesis translation Finnish-English. Grebennik, N. Urban Freight Transportation in Toulouse.
12/2004 Stadia
Thesis synopsis Finnish-English. Peltomaa, R. Felting as Physical Therapy.
6/2003 WWF – Finland
Green Office -website Finnish-English.
1/2001 Institute of Occupational Health
Proofreading a PhD. Leino, T. Epidemiology of Skin and Respiratory Diseases Among Hairdressers.


Creative writing, literature, cinema, digital photography, opera, theater, modern art, dogs, hiking, swimming, bicycling, climbing, and traveling.

Special Skills

My Master of Arts Degree from the University of Helsinki is culture, education, communication, and literature oriented. I got a B.A. in English Philology spring 2006 with a minor in North American Studies. My Master’s Thesis is a post-colonial analysis on Harlem Renaissance literature titled, “Passing Into the American Dream in Jessie Fauset’s Plum Bun: A Novel Without a Moral.”

I have also finished the Teachers’ Training Program at the Department of Applied Sciences of Education in spring 2007 with minors in Media Education and Communication. In the field of education, I am interested in task-based learning, blended learning, the role of media and media criticism in teaching and international affairs. I enjoy teaching because it provides a challenging group environment which allows me to be creative and work with young people.

I am an experienced teacher with an interest in media, marketing, and public relations. I have also worked as a freelance web journalist. I am capable of proofreading and translating English and Finnish text material efficiently and creatively within a deadline. I have good communication skills and am capable of coming up with creative solutions in different situations. I am responsible and determined, a team player when necessary, but also capable of working independently. I am interested in literature, publishing, foreign languages, and teaching. In the future, I look forward to more challenges in the field of foreign language education.